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Seamus Kearney, Seamus Kearney Media, TV & Radio Journalist, France & Europe Correspondent, Freelance & Independent, Media Relations Consultant, Media Trainer, Moderator of Conferences & Debates, Based in Lyon, France


of my

tv, radio &



Live Television 

Reporting live for

BBC World News television from the scene of the fire that severely damaged the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.



Being interviewed

on French television channel France Info TV about COVID-19 and New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

  Live Radio

Reporting live for

Radio New Zealand National's Nine to Noon programme on the coronavirus crisis in Europe.


Reporting live for

Radio New Zealand National's Nine to Noon programme on Boris Johnson & Brexit, plus President Putin facing more protests .


Reporting live for

Radio New Zealand National's Nine to Noon programme on the results of the EU elections.


Television News

Examples of my TV news reports & interviews 

Live report from New Zealand after a big earthquake strikes

Interview with husband of UK prisoner in Iran

Interview with an expert on China aid to EU

Preparations in South Korea for World Expo

Qatar isolated by four Arab nations

Interview with British Foreign Secretary ahead of UK elections

UK officially begins Brexit process with EU

A tour of the new world headquarters of Euronews TV in Lyon

Aftermath of the deadly Grenfell tower fire in London

A UN conference in China on sustainable tourism

UK is not becoming less tolerant, says husband of murdered MP

The ousting of Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe

Calls for restraint on frontline of fighting in Ukraine

Tackling the issue of violence in the name of religion

Terrorist attacks leave London in shock

Television Programmes

Examples of TV programmes I've presented & produced

Right On - The distance between the EU and its citizens

Right On - How to stop bullying in schools

Right On - The lonely struggle of crime victims

Urban Visions - Wind power in Texas

Urban Visions - Singapore moves towards gas

Postcards - Japan's fastest mochi pounders

Postcards - Lyon's picteresque Ile Barbe

Postcards - The history of silk in Margilan

Target - Smart City Barcelona

Right On - The fight against female genital mutilation

Right On - The growing problem of stalking

Right On - Discrimination against Roma people

Urban Visions - Cars running on sugar in Brazil

Urban Visions - Cleaning up air quality in New York

Postcards - meditation in a Kyoto temple

Postcards - The amazing Charyn Canyon

Postcards - Skopje's Matka Canyon

Postcards - Trailer for Uzbekistan series

Right On - Europe's missing children

Right On - Dangers using the internet

Right On - The lack of women at the top

Urban Visions - Public transport is king in Hong Kong

Metropolitans - Tokyo rediscovers its water attractions

Postcards - The wonders of Zamami

Postcards - Uzbekistan's stunning blue domes

Postcards - The Mavrovo National Park

Postcards - Selection of various trailers


Examples of my Europe Correspondent spots on Radio New Zealand National 

Examples of other radio presenting & feature reports

Presenting on day of September 11 attacks - Radio France International

Features on the BBC World Service programme 'The Ticket'

Presenting Radio France International programme to Africa

Reports on the BBC World Service programme 'Weekend Europe'


A selection of my web & newspaper articles:

Radio New Zealand website: 


WW1 centenary commemorations

Euronews website:


Unfinished Hundertwasser art project :

Euronews website:

Medical hope for sexually mutilated women

Euronews website:

Japan's famous female Ama divers

New Zealand Herald:


Feature on Iraq war.

New Zealand Herald:

Antarctic sound project. 

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