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Seamus Kearney, Seamus Kearney Media, TV & Radio Journalist, France & Europe Correspondent, Freelance & Independent, Media Relations Consultant, Media Trainer, Moderator of Conferences & Debates, Based in Lyon, France

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* * * * * * * * * * * *

Ohlala!!! Did I just do a live report on the telly in French, for almost six minutes with no script? Maybe I need to start doing this more often!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Thrilled to be taking part in this, the fourth anniversary of Tout Va Bien, a Lyon magazine that I sometimes work with. There'll be a roundtable via videoconference on the future of "solutions journalism", which proves to be very interesting. And then I've been invited to give a virtual concert at the end of the debate, from my living room, playing some of the original compositions from my new piano album, Journeys Inside My Piano. My new Blue Yeti USB condenser mic has been getting a good test run over the past few weeks; for my radio lives, a TV live, virtual workshops ... and now a piano live!


* * * * * * * * * * * *

A French village marks a terrible anniversary today and everyone, especially Europeans, should know its name. Remembering what happened at Oradour-sur-Glane is even more crucial in these worrying times of rising extremism. A total of 642 men, women and children were killed there on June 10, 1944, in one of the worst Nazi massacres of civilians in Western Europe. Here is a photo reportage I created after a visit to the village last year.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The CDs and double vinyl of my album of original piano compositions, Journeys Inside My Piano, are now in stock and ready to be posted/hand-delivered. It's also available on most streaming sites such as Spotify, Deezer, etc.

Don't forget to check out my website:

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Check out my latest article on LinkedIn: "Top 12 tips when working from home" 

Seamus Kearney Media Office Working from home

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The impact of the coronavirus is really starting to be felt all around. I've now had two conferences (acting as the moderator) cancelled. One of them I was particularly looking forward to: moderating a political debate on environmental issues tonight between mayoral candidates in the French city of Vienne, just ahead of elections on Sunday. Our fingers are crossed that this will all calm down soon!

News article about Seamus Kearney Media

* * * * * * March 2, 2020 * * * * * *

So amazing to hold this in my hands! The CD of Journeys Inside My Piano, my first album of original piano compositions. Very happy with the sound. I also just got the test copies of the vinyl record, so that won’t be far away. I’m big into music streaming (my album is also available on sites such as Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music) but there’s something very special about actually holding the physical album. To find out more about how to listen or get the CD/vinyl, you’re very welcome over at

AlbumCD cover.jpeg
Seamus Kearney Piano website

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Nice to see some former Euronews colleagues today - Jérôme, Dulce and Diego - during filming for the awesome short documentaries platform

Seamus Kearney Media
Seamus Kearney Media

* * * * * *  January 7, 2020  * * * * * *

A new adventure began for me today in this building at the University of Lyon (Lumière Lyon 2).

Lyon 2 ICOM Journalism Course Seamus Kearney Media

I just signed a contract to be a part-time lecturer for students doing a master's degree in journalism and for others studying infographics.


This will be on top of my other work as a journalist/foreign correspondent, media consultant/trainer & conference moderator. I love teaching, having done it for years at the CFJ school of journalism in Paris (Centre de Formations des Journalistes).


It is so great to tap into the enthusiasm of the new generation of media professionals. I'm also giving some public speaking classes to students of two technical colleges here in Lyon.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Just one of the inspiring projects I'm working on at the moment: feature articles examining women and migration for the Tout Va Bien magazine.


A great team made up of civic service volunteers, migration workers (SINGA), migrants and journalists.


Just two of our subjects: tackling violence against female migrants (La Cimade) and medical help for those who have suffered female genital mutilation.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

Check out my latest article at LinkedIn: "Our reporter now joins us live from the scene, showing absolutely no emotion."


When broadcast journalists and presenters have to be stoic, show no emotion, suppress their natural reactions to dreadful news events ...

Monument for victims of the Germanwings plane crash, France (Seamus Kearney Media)

* * * * * *  July 13, 2019  * * * * * *

It's a wrap! Piano compositions recorded, all 17 of them. Whew! A difficult but very rewarding exercise. So pleased I managed to keep up the concentration until the end and record everything I wanted.

Seamus Kearney playing the piano, recording original compositions. Seamus Kearney, Seamus Kearney Media, TV & Radio Journalist, France & Europe Correspondent, Freelance & Independent, Media Relations Consultant, Media Trainer, Moderator of Conferences & Debates, Based in Lyon, France

Never played so intensively like that, two days straight from 9 in the morning! (Many will know that mornings and I are not the best of buddies; trying to be creative in the morning for me is like trying to drink a cup of tea in a nightclub).

Seamus Kearney playing the piano, recording his original piano compositions. Seamus Kearney, Seamus Kearney Media, TV & Radio Journalist, France & Europe Correspondent, Freelance & Independent, Media Relations Consultant, Media Trainer, Moderator of Conferences & Debates, Based in Lyon, France

All the notes and beats seem to be in the right place though, hopefully with the right emotion and feel! This was a large Bechstein piano, which rung out far more than what I'm used to. But what a glorious, rich sound, especially the base notes. I'm still floating.


The beautiful surroundings near Gap probably helped keep me relaxed (my apartment was just above the recording studio) and the sound engineer, Pascal, was a gem: very patient and encouraging. The delicious meals prepared by Anne also kept me focused!


Next step, create that physical CD/album ...

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Lots of great talks & tips at the Salon des Entrepreneurs in Lyon, a business creation & startups expo - the SDE2019.


It's the largest event of its kind in Europe, also held in ParisMarseille & Nantes. Exactly what new business creators are looking for. And it's free. The EU needs more events like this!

Seamus Kearney Media attends the Salon des Entrepreneurs (SDE2019) in Lyon, France. SeamusKearneMEDIA. Journalist, France & Europe Correspondent, Conference & Debate Moderator, Media Relations Consultant & Trainer


* * * * * *  May 27, 2019 * * * * * *

And we are live! Welcome to my new-look website! Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions you would like to ask, or if you have any feedback about what you see here.


If you are a media professional, I look forward to working with you! If you are just visiting, welcome! Stay a while and take a look around! 


This page will be updated regularly to let you know about any new projects I'm involved with and what I'm up to in general.  

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